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Algorithms and Solutions                                 Let us provide AI and Machine Learning Tools for you     

                         Customized Solutions to Complex Problems

SoftMath Analytics is a data analytics firm focused on helping businesses and the government solve the complex data challenges and decisions facing their company today. 

SoftMath Analytics provides consultation and complete and sustainable solutions for the government and small businesses and large corporations and government . To find out more about how we can help your company, please take a look at our solutions discribed in some of the projects and our algorithms for data science book.



Patient Care Profile Analytics (PCPA)


Dedicated to learning about and understanding health and well being of the population. Who is at most risk? Is it possible to build an algorithm that estimates risk based on a few sample variables?


Our PCA provides simple Profile Solution for data reduction of the massive data sets and shows better than modeling. 


Text Analytics - Classification and Author Prediction (TACAP)


Every author has a style of his or her own. Our text style prediction algorithm predicts the author of disputed article or text. 


Stock Market Prediction and Analytics (SMPA)

The NASDAQ self-generated stream serves as a model for high –velocity streams. Our real time forecasting algorithm updates with a simple formula  updates the past information rapidly and forecasts accurately


Election Campaign Donation Analytics (ECDA)

Our dictionary mapping algorithm links political party to recipient and identifies the candidate committee. 


Land and Lot Appraisal Method (LALAM)

Our real-estate prediction algorithm uses GIS, environmental and local neighborhood market variables to predict value of the properties and appraise the market value. Our specialization is predict land values of developed land by using/subtracting replacement cost or market value of the building.


Airport Security Analytics (ASA)

Our multimodel security analytics process high volume data with ANN and tensor analytics.  






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