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Algorithms and Solutions                                 Let us provide AI and Machine Learning Tools for you     

Key Personnel

SoftMath's members are highly-qulified data scientists and experenced manages and experts

in their field.


Dr. Swarna Reddy 

Data Scientist

Founder and President  




Operations Reasech and Informatics, AI and predictive and analytics, Financial modelling


Professional development

Dr. Reddy is a successful and published researcher and has designed computational solutions across a wide variety of areas--from bioinformatics and genomics, to cyber security, to business analytics. She has Ph.D in OR and informatics and both education and expriance in statistical modelling and predicte anaytics. She is a highly skilled computational scientist and is well-versed in a many programming  languages used gor advanced analytics. Dr. Reddy has international exposure and is fluent in  Telugu, Hindi and Russian apart from being English is her primary language. Her experieance is extensive in college teaching and rearch. She has worked in multiple projects of federal government projects. Apart from being director of SoftMath*, She is assisting Office of Disaster Assistance; ODA of federal government in distributing distaser assistance. She is a faculty affiliate of Department of Mathematical Sciences at University of Montana.


Dr. Brian Steele

Member and Principal Data Scientist


Statistics and Data Science


Professional development

Professor Steele's areas of expertise stem from statistical computing and include model-fitting algorithms, machine learning, both theoretical and applied, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and data analytics. He has published numerous papers on remote sensing topics and predictive analytics. He collaborates extensively on subject matters spanning healthcare, telecommunications, and ecology. He is a highly skilled data analyst and excels at diagnosing problems and developing innovative, practical and simple solutions.


Sarah Low, MS

Member and Consultant


Geology, Earth Sciences and Education 



Ms. Low is geology, earth science and education expert. She has over 20 years of experience as hydro geologist, data analyst and educator. As a hydro geologist with TRC Corporation and GeoInsight Inc., she investigated contaminated ground water and soil sites, conducted oversite of contaminated petrolium sites, analyzed data,  created reports and supervised employees.  


She has over 18 years of experiance as an educator with New Hampshire school system. She has strong ability to use differentiated instruction in classroom lessons and able to motivate students by asking inquisitive questions. She has strong knowledge of competency and curriculum creation and capable of creating questions with deeper understanding. 


Her leadership qulities and interpersinel skills are an asseet to this company.


Teaming Arrangements

Statistics &Applied Math CORE (SAMC)

    Department of Mathematical Sciences - University of Montana


Defense Critical Language and Culture Program (DCLCP)

   Mansfield Center- University of Montana

Deep Analytics, LLC        


 v  Pythogoras Consulting, PLLC

 v  SDL*Government



Company Designations

Small Business, EDWOSB, SDB, Minority Owned Business, DBE 

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